Donation Howto

So, you've been infected with the little bug that is Toonami: Digital Arsenal, and you want to help keep it online by paying a small part of our server bill. Great! We like you.

To give via PayPal, click the button below and you'll be whisked away to a page that will allow you to login or create a new account, and from there donate to us.

Donation FAQ

Since there's bound to be questions popping up whenever money is involved, this is a simple FAQ to answer some common questions. If you have a question regarding donations that's not listed here, feel free to email us and we'll get you an answer.

How big is this server bill you'd like us to help fund?
Here's what TDA costs to maintain:
  • Monthly Fee: $89 + tax
  • There are also a few other small fees, such as domain registration.

    What does that money buy us?
    As of this writing, that $89 per month gets TDA a 1GHz server with 512mb of ram and 700 gigs of bandwidth a month.

    If I donate, where does my hard earned money go?
    If you donate via PayPal, then the money gets put into Tyler's PayPal account.

    Well... why does Tyler get all the money?
    Because Tyler is bigger than Zogg. Seriously, though, its because Tyler is the one paying the server bill. So, the money gets sent to him so he can pay his credit card bill every month without needing to sell a kidney.