Back during the (short) hey-day of the Sega CD, a Batman game titled "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" after the FoxKids show was released.
It contained about 16 minutes of new animation arranged in a semi-cohesive story used as cutscenes. TMS did the animation, and the original voice actors were used. All in all, very high budget for a video game. The limitations of the Genesis and its 256 color pallete didn't do much to help the quality of the presentation, but it's still watchable.
This material is quite rare, as not many people owned (or kept) this gem, and many circles of BTAS fans have referred to this as a "lost episode".
Thanks to the hard capturing work of maxnugget, ToonZone and TDA are proud to present the cutscenes from "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" for your enjoyment.

DivX is required to view these clips. (Mac - PC)

Scene 1 - :56 - 4MB
Scene 2- 2:12 - 7.9MB
Scene 3 - 1:16- 4.5MB
Scene 4 - 1:53 - 6.6MB
Scene 5 - 3:16 - 11.7MB
Scene 6 - 5:53 - 23.3MB
Scene 7 - :39 - 2.3MB

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