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Episode 5 - 9.20.02
Well, the virus has been defeated by multiple systems/people/whatever, and life's back to normal...after a few repairs of course. Sara wakes up TOM, explains what happened, and they drop out of hyperspace somewhere. TOM and Sara share a cute lil' moment, cue camera zoom out to show the entire ship, end.

Get down, get funky, get screenshots.

Episode 4 - 9.19.02
TOM gets the Hyperdrive engines undercontrol and moves to the lower control room to try to bring Sara back online.
The evil virus guy seems to be unhappy at TOM and Clyde's progress, and starts making mistakes.
Tomorrow's the last day of Trapped in Hyperspace. Will see see major changes to Sara? Toonami in general? The topography of Earth?
Find out tomorrow!

I make my Screenshots with 100% pure binary data. Accept no imitations.

Episode 3 - 9.18.02
Once again, Clyde smacks TOM's head around to wake him up to get him to stop the DOKs, infected by the virus, to stop attacking each other.
The evil virus guy also destroyed the console TOM has been using to connect to the computers systems, forcing TOM to move to the Reactor to regain control of the ship.
Speaking of Evil Virus Guy...in the online game, he's referred to as "Menace", but in this episode, he's called this. What the hell IS his name? I'm confused.

My Screenshots are getting more and more bitter and sarcastic, but they're funny. I think.

Episode 2 - 9.17.02
Clyde woke up TOM, TOM got up, stopped some fires, plugged back in.
...that's about it.

See .0039% of Episode 2 here!

Episode 1 - 9.16.02
Trapped in Hyperspace Episode 1 came and went in just a minute and a half. Basically, what you saw in the promo happened in the first episode. A little disappointing.

TOM and Sara started their jump into hyperspace on their way to Earth for unknown (to us) reasons. Almost immediately thereafter, Sara's overcome by a virus that locks the Absolution in hyperspace with no way to slow down to aviod hitting the earth. TOM decides to link up to Sara's systems to fight the virus. To be continued...

The online game is a fully 3D flight/shooter, very much like Descent in gameplay. The first level was rather sparsely populated and short, but I beat it with barely any life to spare on both my tries. I encountered a bug a few times that let me actually travel outside the corridors and tunnels and see "outside" the tunnels. (Un)fortunately, there's no way to cheat by doing this though.

Screenshots are for the weak. That's why you're gonna look at them...

Pre-show Babble - 9.4.02
Trapped in Hyperspace made its first public debut on Labor Day, September 2nd.
Strangely, there were no press releases or magazine advertisements for this year's Total-Immersion Event like there were for Intruder and Lockdown. Many people didn't even know about it this year until Monday's promo started airing.
Another strange thing I noticed on Toonami lately...Joe Boyd Vigil isn't doing the music for all the promos/intros anymore. G Gundam's promo was a hard rock theme, and the Trapped in Hyperspace "theme" (as far as I know) is "Detonator" by Mocean Worker. It's a nice change and gives a little more variety than the Drum n' Bass we're all accustomed to.

...Anyway, the animation and effects in Trapped in Hyperspace are leaps and bounds better than in The Intruder and Lockdown...and the enemy this year is both sentient AND interesting.
The online portion has also been completely overhauled, and the game(s) are in *3D*. Great things can be done with Macromedia Director...

Trapped in Hyperspace will air during Toonami from September 16-20. What show it airs before isn't publicly known, but will probably be like the last two Events and air before DBZ.

Screenshots! I got your screenshots right here!